We can help you identify, collect, process, manage, and secure the data you need.



We can help you turn this data into accessible and actionable information.



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About Baseline Geospatial

Baseline Geospatial was founded on the principal that since everything happens somewhere, it just makes sense to use that location to your advantage.

We have over 20 years of experience helping our customers derive tangible benefits from their investment in spatial data and software.

Let us show you how understanding the "where" can help you better manage the "what."

Our Services

Mapping Solutions

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a map speaks volumes. We can help you design and produce compelling cartographic products tailored to you specifications.

Analytical Dashboards

Sometimes a map is not enough. We can help you design and build intuitive and interactive data dashboards that will enable your organization to make better decisions, faster.

Database Development

Data is only valuable if it can be easily created and accessed. We can help you build the foundation of your data storage that will support your current and future needs..

Application Development

Your employees and customers have needs that can only be met with targeted, easy-to-use applications. Whether it's on the web or desktop, we can help you create applications that meet your business requirements..

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions extend your organization into the field and help you provide real-time information to your entire workforec, ensuring that everyone is "reading from the same sheet of music." We can help you plan, design, and implement a mobile footprint that makes sense for you.

Cloud Solutions

Whether you are starting fresh or reimagining your current solution architecture, we can help you establish yourself in the cloud and save time and money.

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